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Whenever you need to connect consumer gear to professional equipment, Matchbox-HD is the way to go! Matchbox-HD eliminates the hum, buzz, and distortion caused by mismatched levels and impedances. Matchbox-HD is ideal for devices that play and record, such as DAT recorders and computer sound cards. Don't trust your audio to inexpensive units that are powered with "wall-warts"! Superb audio performance is why we've sold over 50,000 units worldwide.


It happens often: someone comes into your studio and wants to connect their CD player, iPod, portable digital recorder, flash drive, cassette deck, or whatever to your studio. Either they want to play something to your studio, or they want to record audio from your studio. You never know who wants to plug what into your studio, but it’s a hassle to figure it out at the last minute. Until now!


If you need to connect a pair of consumer CD players to a professional audio system, TwinMatch is the ideal interface. It's perfect for devices that play, but do not record. TwinMatch is a 4-channel unit, with all 4 channels going from RCA-to-XLR. The same great audio performance as Matchbox!

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