MixMinus Plustm

A telephone hybrid is used to put telephone callers on the air. A mix-minus
output (from the console) is needed so the callers can hear what's on the air.
If your console doesn't have a mix-minus output, MixMinus Plus will add it so the hybrid works properly.


Product Description

MixMinus Plus is a special audio device that is designed to add a "mix-minus" facility to an audio console or teleconferencing system. It is often used in a broadcast station to create the "send audio" which is fed into the Send input of a telephone hybrid. MixMinus Plus has inputs for "Program" audio and "Caller" audio. The unit removes the Caller audio from the Program signal. This Program-minus-Caller audio is fed back to the caller via the hybrid. Up to 40 db of caller null is typical. The MixMinus Plus needs no adjustment once installed, and will work with virtually any console and hybrid. The MMP is also applicable to satellite audio systems, removing incoming audio from a return IFB or cue feed to prevent echo and feedback.

Technical Specifications Typical Application
Program Input...0 to +8 dBm nom, bal, bridging
Caller Input...-50 to -10 dBm nom, unbal, bridging
Caller Rejection...40 dB typical
Output Level....0 to +8 dBm, nominal
Output Load....600 ohms or higher, balanced
Gain..........0 dB, Unity
Controls....Caller Null
Frequency Response......DC to 20kHz, 0.25 dB
Distortion......<.01% IM/THD
Noise..>80 dB below nominal output, typ
Power Requirements....115/230VAC, 50/60Hz, 3 W
Construction.....Aluminum enclosure and front panel
Physical.....6.25"w x 3.75"h x 2.25"d, 2 lbs

Technical specifications subject to change without notice.


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