DigiMatch is "the Digital Matchbox". Not only does it convert between consumer (SPDIF) and professional (AES/EBU) digital formats, but it's also a digital distribution amplifier that gives you 6 digital outputs! Use DigiMatch 2X6 to feed your digital audio into several CD or DAT recorders, or into multiple console inputs. Never use "Y-cord" to split digital signals; use DigiMatch 2X6 to maintain proper digital levels and data integrity.

Product Description

DigiMatch 2x6 is an AES/EBU-to-SPDIF interface and distribution amplifier for digital audio signals. DigiMatch has two distinct functions: (a) to convert between professional (balanced) AES/EBU and consumer (unbalanced) SPDIF digital audio signals; and (b) to distribute a digital input signal(s) to multiple destinations.

DigiMatch has 2 inputs and 6 outputs: an AES/EBU input and 3 AES/EBU outputs, plus an SPDIF input and 3 SPDIF outputs. Either input can feed either or both sets of outputs, producing 4 possible modes of operation:
Convert: AES/EBU input feeds SPDIF outs; SPDIF input feeds AES/EBU outs
DA-AES/EBU only: AES/EBU input feeds ALL outputs
DA-SPDIF only: SPDIF input feeds ALL outputs
DA-Split: AES/EBU input feeds AES/EBU outputs; SPDIF input  feeds SPDIF outputs.

Modes are selected using front panel switches. The “Convert” mode is essentially a “digital MatchBox,” providing bi-directional conversion between AES/EBU and SPDIF digital circuits, without altering any data in the bitstream.

DigiMatch circuitry automatically corrects input levels that are out of tolerance. All 6 DigiMatch outputs can be used simultaneously and without interaction. The AES/EBU inputs and outputs are transformer isolated. All outputs are short-circuit protected and can drive long lines without signal degradation.

DigiMatch is 1/3 rack width and can be mounted in an optional rack shelf, or wall-mounted using optional wall/cabinet mounting brackets. DigiMatch is powered by an internal AC power supply.

Technical Specifications
Sample Rate
Any, 96 kHz or less

XLR connector
110 ohm termination (switchable)

SPDIF Input RCA connector
75 ohm termination (switchable)

AES/EBU Outputs

3 each, XLR connectors
110 ohm source impedance
SPDIF Outputs
3 each, RCA connectors
75 ohm source impedance
Throughput Delay
Less than 80 nanoseconds
Power Input
115/230 VAC, 5W
Steel enclosure
5.7”w x 1.7”h x 6.0”d, 3lbs
Approval City of Los Angeles Elect. Test Lab

Typical Application

Technical specifications subject to change without notice.


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