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Audio OnLine is a very versatile and easy-to-use system for disseminating audio information using regular telephone lines. It can be used by a wide variety of users: broadcasting stations, news bureaus, public service agencies, theaters, schools and universities, political offices, public relations firms, hospitals, or any organization that distributes audio information. Audio OnLine is caller-interactive and menu-driven. Callers select the messages they want to hear from a "menu" of messages that have been recorded into the system.

Radio and TV stations will find Audio OnLine perfect for "listener information" and "voting" lines. You can use Audio OnLine to produce revenue, by offering a "Listener's Information Hotline" with various informative messages. Concert information, ski/surf reports, traffic updates, lottery results, joke lines...use your imagination, then get a local business to sponsor each message. Audio OnLine gives you a CALL-COUNT for each message, so you can document the number of "hits" each sponsor's message has received.

Broadcast stations can also use Audio OnLine to tabulate listener response with "voting" lines. Ask listeners to call in and vote YES or NO on political issues or other questions. It's easy to count the votes, whether you use a menu-driven system ("Press 1 for YES, press 2 for NO") or separate phone numbers for YES and NO votes.

News services will find Audio OnLine ideal for distributing news reports, soundbites, and other broadcast actualities. The digital audio quality of Audio OnLine is better than any tape or cart machine....and far more reliable! Broadcast stations can call into the Audio OnLine system to retrieve the reports they want, without wasting time listening to reports they don't need. Messages always play from the beginning, and there is never any "re-cue" time. As soon as a caller hangs up, the line is instantly ready to take the next call.

Computer and monitor not included

Computer System Requirements:
A basic computer is all you need. Audio OnLine includes our software and the special modem(s) that you install in your computer. A basic 486 computer will work fine. Even an older 386 will work for a 2-Line or 4-Line system. Audio OnLine runs in DOS; you don't need Windows, a mouse, sound card or other modems. The video monitor can be either monochrome or color.

Audio OnLine is easy to install. You don't need an engineer or telecommunications consultant. It's as easy as installing a regular modem in a PC. The software loads in a few minutes, and you're ready to go!

You can have numerous news stories on-line, with no limit to the length of the recording. Interviews, sound bites, news wraps, actualities....all available, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, without anyone needed to answer a phone and put a tape in a cart machine. Just load your messages and walk away! Audio OnLine operates unattended, and lets the caller select messages from your menu: "For the Senator Smith soundbite about Social Security, press 1; For Senator Jones comments about Medicare, press 2; for the complete Senator Smith interview, press 3; for the edited short version, press 4;"....etc. You can have hundreds of reports on-line. Recordings can be easily added, deleted, saved, or reloaded at a later date. The computer monitor displays your text description for each message for quick identification of each recording.

Recording messages is quick and easy, either over a phone line or "on-site". For recording on-site, the optional Line Simulator is recommended, especially if audio quality is important. It lets you call into the system and record messages, without actually calling through a telephone company line. The Line Simulator has Mic and Line inputs, plus a Recording Level control and a VU Meter. Record from a microphone, a prepared tape, a mixer, or a digital editor. If you're "on the road", you can record new messages or update existing messages from the field by calling them in over a regular telephone line. It's as easy as leaving a message on an answering machine. Audio OnLine's Password Protection System provides security against unauthorized recording.

Audio OnLine can answer from 2 to 16 phone lines simultaneously, with each line answered independently of the others. You can configure the system to answer all lines with the same message (or menu), or "split" the system, so that different lines are answered with different messages (or menus). Broadcast station groups can use this feature so that Audio OnLine answers some lines with the "KXXX" menu, while other lines are answered with the "KYYY" menu... essentially two (or more) independent Audio OnLine systems operating in one computer.

Audio OnLine is affordable. The price depends upon the number of phone lines you need to answer:

2-Line system
4-Line system
8-Line system
12-Line system
16-Line system
Line Simulator


Audio OnLine can always be upgraded. You can start with a 2-Line system, then add more lines as needed in the future. The cost to upgrade is simply the difference between the original and upgraded system.


To hear a sample of Audio OnLine, call any of these numbers:

News Services

Ca. Legislative News Hotline 800-338-0678
American Farm Bureau 800-323-2192
Missouri Farm Bureau 800-392-0382
Evan Slack News Network 208-735-0459

PLEASE NOTE: Audio OnLine is not "Voice Mail". Althought the system can record a caller's message, this function is normally used for updating messsages or loading new messages. It is not intended for callers to leave voice-mail messages, because Audio OnLine holds only one message per "mailbox". Also, Audio OnLine cannot transfer incoming calls to other extensions or phones. If you need these functions, you'll need a conventional computer-based voice-mail system, available from various business telephone system suppliers.

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